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…and we found something. Since almost 3 weeks we are under a good wing i hope. After the last experience, bad employers and bad accomodations… we started to search another company to take us. We searched like 3 days and preyed that someone to return us an answer. After the 4th day, someone writed me on facebook. A company that i never heard of…had no was like im going the the mouth of a lion. It was the only chance for us so…we took it.

At the first sight, everything was looking fine… a employer of the company came and took us from that bad accomodation where we were and we took off to a new destination…in our heads also meaning new opportunity for finding work and everything that we want in that moment. We just wanted work and…finally we found it.

We started 2 weeks ago and we love it. The first warming thing, was the office that they have. I cant describe it. You know those big corporation buildings, where you know that inside are people who want to eat you? Giving you no reason to trust? Ehh, there is my boys… here was a little tiny office…with 3 desks and 3 computers on them…all the people that run this company are just 3 people…and they also are family members. So its a family bussines and this is all what was warming my soul in that moment…gave me that TRUST and filled me with determination.

After we meet all the team… we’ve been asked if anyone of us have driver licence. I dont have one but my girlfriend has… but there is a small problem…she cannot drive on manual cars because she did her driver licence on automatic car.

The company dont have automatic cars , so we had no hope to get a car…we dont even have to ask for one. Here come my senses… when i got that felling about trusting someone… The big boss (an 55 old cute grandpa) just start to call someone and speaking turkish, i understood something about ”automatic” and i was thinking…they speak about a automatic car or so…and i was right…My girlfriend got a automatic car, for us te help with transportation at work, store and everything. Just in 10 minutes, everything changed. From a hopeless couple without a road to go on…now we had a home, a car, a job…and everything just because of these people…rarely people like this. I just hope everyone can do this for those who really are in needs.

I hope that the company will read this article and they will know what we feel then and still feeling for the gesture that they did for us.

Thanks to Hüseyin, Izmail and ther Onkle for this oportunity.

The company name *i take the right to put it here without to ask* is Performans – and is a company whos taking people to employ them to big companyes in Netherlands. Its like a middle man between a person who wants to work and a company who need people to work. You will pe paid by Performans and you will be accomodate in Performance housing.

It will be and update over the story in the past so…stay tuned …

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