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Lets start with a little disclaimer first. Im not good at english but i will try to writte this articles so good as i can. If you understeand what i mean in the article, then its enaugh (I DONT WANT TEACHERS).

Working in a foreign country has some advantages but also not. Everything started when i left my country in 2010 september. I was so happy because it was actually my first time going out from my region. I was poor child and i still am one but in the life, you can earn some skills thats helping you trough. I flu to Germany where i did finish my school and everything. In there i was teached how to work, where, when and how to do everything to be perfect. From them i got a desisse called PERFECTION. I graduated the cooking school and in there perfection was almost the first skill you had to master. This story its about me, going trought all kind of situations, meeting bad and good people, work as a slave or not, meeting love, etc.

Everything started in 25 of May last year when i got a new job in The Netherlands (Holland). Everything was so perfect…i had a good job, the money came every week in my account…i had no responsabilities (just at work), in words, i was free from everything and everyone that i thought they holded mme back.

After few weeks i meet someone that made my heart go BOOM. You cannot even imagine! After few weeks we moved together and since then we still together and everything its perfect (i think so). The main ideea is that i had a porpouse after i meet her. My porpouse was that she have to be happy around me in every situation (bad or good).

I got her out from her job…we got our vacancion and after that i brought her to work for the company i was working for in the last months. LooyeFuckingKweckers … its a company full of nice people but its allso full with bad heads. When i say heads, it means the bosses and the coordinators.I was a good worker…everything had to be perfect as my desiese commands but it seems that the heads of the company didnt cared at all. When i got the job, they promissed that i will be promoted in January and they will raise the sallary. After promoting, they raised my money with only 20 cents and laughed me. I got angry, i got my girlfriend and we signed our resignation.

Sience then, we had searched good companies to take us and help us with work and everything.

there is a followup article in the near future so stay tuned…

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